Stan Brock

Stan Brock pioneered television programming focused on nature and wildlife when he starred on Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom.  Now, Stan boldly addresses the human condition with the same strength, courage, and passion for which he is known world-wide. Stan's character and values are reflected in Remote Area Medical® and its many volunteers who will carry on his legacy far into the future.


Stan was born in Lancashire, England and at age 17 moved to Guyana where he lived at and eventually became manager of The Dadanawa Ranch, which, at the time, was one of the world's largest working cattle ranches. It was his experience in Guyana that led to Stan’s work with the animals of Wild Kingdom and numerous other television and movie projects beginning in 1963.





Emmy Award Winning Stan Brook took viewers, for the first time, to the far corners of the world to study wild animals in their natural habitats. Millions of families gathered around their televisions every week to watch Stan travel the world to wrestle giant anacondas in the Amazon and corral wildebeests in the Serengeti. Stan helped pioneer nature-centric television programming, which typically builds a suspenseful story around the challenges faced by wildlife biologists and the organisms they study. With Stan as a co-host, Wild Kingdom reached the largest audience in the program's history and was only one of five syndicated shows nominated for an Emmy in 1972.


Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom was heavily recognized, receiving 41 major awards, including four Emmys. Stan created, directed, and starred in the TV series Stan Brock's Expedition Danger. He has also starred in several films including: Escape from Angola (1976) and The Forgotten Wilderness (1977). Most were productions of legendary Hollywood producer Ivan Tors who created Flipper, Sea Hunt, Daktari, and more.



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Stan is the author of three books on his experiences in the Amazon, including: Leemo, A True Story of a Man's Friendship with a Mountain Lion (London, 1967), More About Leemo (London, 1967) and Jungle Cowboy (USA, 1969), republished in 1999 as All the Cowboys were Indians.


Along the way he became a pioneer Amazon bush pilot, a noted authority on wildlife management and conservation, an expert on rain forests and their inhabitants, a TV wildlife adventurer, guest speaker, film actor, fitness enthusiast, author, naturalist, and black belt in Taekwon Do Karate. Stan has written numerous articles for national magazines, including Readers Digest and Outdoor Life, and has been featured in global media coverage such as TIME Magazine. 


In 1985 Stan Brock founded Remote Area Medical® (RAM®), a non-profit organization addressing the needless pain and suffering caused by the lack of healthcare in impoverished, underserved, and isolated areas.


Stan has received, among many other honors, invitations to address United States Congressional Sub-committees regarding RAM's® mission. Since Remote Area Medical® was founded, Stan Brock has mobilized over thousands of volunteers and health care professionals to deliver millions of dollars worth of free quality medical services.