Remote Area Medical (RAM) provides pop-up medical clinics around the United States, offering quality dental, vision, and general medical care at no cost to patients.

Millions of Americans Cannot Access Medical Care Because…


  • They can’t afford insurance
  • Even with insurance, many have inadequate coverage due to high deductibles, copays, or limited networks
  • They live in remote or underserved communities
  • The healthcare system can be challenging to understand and navigate, even for insured individuals

I live on a fixed income, and I have just enough every month to pay my bills. There’s no extra money for dentures, teeth, that sort of thing. If it hadn’t been for Remote Area Medical, I’d have been suffering in pain. It’s been a miracle for me. It’s been great.

– John, 61


Community leaders partner with Remote Area Medical to host a clinic in their community

People in need of dental, vision, or general medical care come to the free RAM event

Licensed medical professionals and general support volunteers help as many people as possible





Breaking Down the Barriers to Care


RAM Telehealth connnects volunteer healthcare practitioners to individuals seeking healthcare services through online appointments.


Millions of people in the United States lack access to healthcare due to social determinants of health like economic disparities, geographic barriers, or insufficient health literacy. Remote Area Medical closes the gap on healthcare inequality by offering free dental, vision, and medical services at our pop-up clinics and through our Telehealth program. Since our founding in 1985 through 2023, the collaborative efforts of nearly 213,000 volunteers, including professional practitioners and support staff, have provided crucial care to more than 940,000 individuals. This commitment represents a substantial contribution, delivering more than $200 million worth of free healthcare services. Join us on our mission to prevent pain and alleviate suffering by providing free, quality healthcare to those in need.

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