For many of our volunteers, they feel they receive more than they give. The patient note below is one of the many we receive as a thank you for our wonderful patients.

Dear Ron and Stan,

What an awesome huge event filled weekend.

My words can not describe my deep sincere thanks and appreciation that I feel for everyone involved in the world class care I received—yes, world class.

The good doctor Kap worked so hard doing the best care.

My teeth had

…root canals making them brittle more so than their old age which made them set in the ways (like people get sometimes)

…the post had fallen out giving in to more infection

…20-year-old crowns broken off years ago

… gums growing over what was left

… many roots

… more and more

Then I heard Doctor Kap say “and not for the longest root in the mouth.”

What was he to do?

But Doctor Kap he did it.

He got all 5 out, everyone one was work.

I could feel the pain in   … his fingers

                                         … his back

                                         … his legs

I think there is a low spot in the floor where he was standing in one place so long.

Doctor Kap and everybody at RAM was very encouraging. Which makes me want to do more, care more and be better myself. Encouragement means to fill the Heart. It’s amazing what someone can by working on your teeth. I guess the heart and teeth are a close connection.

Most companies as they get big the company becomes disconnected. Here at RAM you can still call on the phone and talk to you—Stan, how great is that.

Even the young lady I talked to on the Thursday said she would call me back if need be. What company does that?

This letter does not cover 1% of what it should. But my teeth are great. My smile is still the same. The Good Doctor said to behave myself and when I walked in the door of church on Sunday across the whole wall was a banner saying: Everyone has a reason to Smile.

Many Thanks.