The Official-Unofficial RAM Clinic Packing Guide is officially here!

By Poppy Green, RAM Marketing Manager

Phone charger? Check. Toothbrush? Check. Driver’s license? Check. Duckworth? Check…wait, what is a duck worth? [Responds with the market price for a pound of a duck meat]. *Face Palm.* Back to packing now. Whether you are attending your first clinic or your fifteenth clinic this year, here is your official-unofficial packing guide.

Disclaimer: After traveling with RAM extensively over the past five years, I will qualify all my packing guidance with a note that I plan and pack as if the sun might rise in the west. Hyperlinked are some of my recommendations!


  • Headphones. Wireless earbuds are the way to go.
  • Two pairs of comfortable, close toed shoes. This is an absolute minimum. Pack for comfort & functionality. For operations longer than three days (setup and two operational days), start packing more shoes or inserts. You can easily wrack up more than 10,000 steps per day and changing up the pressure points on your feet can go a long way.
  • Bathing suit. Let’s manifest some good energy. It is important to unwind after each clinic day, so feel free to swap out this suggestion with something to facilitate your favorite way to unwind (ex: a book to read, a tablet to watch, sneakers to go running, or a camera to snap some pics while in a new area.) For me, the best way to relax after a long clinic day is a dip in the pool.
  • At least one RAM branded t-shirt. Not all clinics have t-shirts, but a many do. Not only are they a great way to show your support for RAM but they are a great conversation starter and badge of honor.
  • At least one non-RAM branded t-shirt. For incognito mode! When you wear a RAM shirt you are reppin’ the organization.

  • One nicer outfit. Now I’m not talking about a suit and tie but something with a collar that you can shake the wrinkles out of if needed (note: sometimes wrinkles make the outfit.)
  • Khaki uniform. While only staff members wear the Khaki, the uniform is a reminder of our roots. It is an honor it is to carry on the legacy of our founder Stan Brock. Quick summary for those who did not get the distinct pleasure of meeting Mr. Brock. Stan Brock founded Remote Area Medical back in 1985 after a life of adventure and thrill. From starring in Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom, to his days as the ranch manager of one of the largest cattle ranches in the world, Stan gave it all up to fulfill a promise to bring healthcare to those in need.
  • Raincoat. Bring it so it won’t rain and if that doesn’t work, you can dance in the rain.
  • Sunglasses. You never know when you might be called to help out in the parking lot and eye protection is always important.
  • Sun block. The sun is always looking for unprotected skin to roast.
  • Chapstick. If there is a song about lip gloss there should be an album on chapstick.
  • One set of clothes per day in the main bag and one set in the backpack. Even when driving, always throw one set of clean clothes in your backpack. While I don’t recommend bringing a backpack into the clinic, you can easily secure it in your vehicle. You never know when you are going to style your outfit with some condiments or when a bottle of water may spill on you.
  • A charger for each device and two for your cell phone. Clinic time is nebulous and just as you will need to recharge during the day, your cell phone will as well!
  • A deck of playing cards. Don’t plan on having a friendly game of go fish during clinic hours but afterwards a deck of cards can make you the life of a post-clinic.
  • Face mask. While no longer required at RAM Clinics, face masks remain an easy way to reduce the spread of airborne illness.
  • Salt, pepper, hot sauce. Grab a couple packets while you are dining on the way and swing by Taco Bell for a handful of sauce packets; throw them in your fanny pack and you will be good to go.


  • Wireless Bluetooth speaker. What is the soundtrack to your life? Sometimes when the moment is right, you need to share it.
  • Fanny pack. When your job calls for just a little more storage space than your pockets provide. Go for something bold and wear it proudly.


  • Socks but you definitely should I gave up socks a long time ago, not based on some philosophy or for any good reason (other than maybe I forgot to pack them once), however happy feet = happy people. Take care of your feet and pack extra socks.


  • Summer: shorts (5” inseam), floppy hat (I recommend a good straw hat from Bucee’s)
  • Spring: backpack cover (keep the elements off your backpack and protect your goods) and plastic bags (Reuse, reduce, recycle. Also when it’s raining cats and dogs the proper footwear order is wool socks then a snazzy plastic bag, then your shoes.)
  • Fall: Wool socks (see note above on my general thoughts on socks and understand wool socks are the exception), winter hat (I recommend a thin wool cap), mittens (or gloves, whichever is your preference, though I’m definitely team mittens)
  • Winter: Wool socks, 3-5 layers for up top (base layer, t-shirt, thermal, micropuff jacket, thin coat) and 3 layers for below (exterior to show the world, leggings for warmth, and it is your choice between your leggings and bum), and elderberry gummies (probably don’t actually work but it’s psychological for me).

Perhaps the most important thing… a friend, family member, coworker, that person you have a crush on, or your archenemies. Bring them along, volunteering can be a great way to bond and connect on a new level. Pictured above is my favorite travel partner, my mom!

Feel free to send me an email ( with your packing list items or stop me at a clinic to chat!