Meet Our Staff

In order to serve tens of thousands of patients in need each year, RAM mobile medical clinics require hundreds of volunteers, but also the expertise and commitment from RAM staff members. Small, but mighty, RAM team members are dedicated to recruiting the most competent volunteers, organizing the most efficient clinics, and providing the best possible health care to people in need.

Jeff Eastman

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Hall

Chief Operations Officer

Don Mackay

Chief Financial Officer

John Volpe

Chief Development Officer

Clinic Operations

Vicki Gregg

 Clinic Manager

Audra FitzGerald

Senior Clinic Coordinator

Kim Faulkinbury

Clinic Coordinator

Brad Hutchins

Clinic Coordinator

Mike Mayes

Clinic Coordinator

Brad Sands

Clinic Coordinator

Hollyann Barnes

Clinic Coordinator

Ryan Hood

Clinic Coordinator

Erica Spiva

Compliance Specialist


Mary Brown

Volunteer Manager

Ronnie Hatfield

Senior Volunteer Coordinator

Kristina Soliza

Volunteer Coordinator

Shannon Kelly

Volunteer Coordinator
Brooke Mullins Headshot

Brooke Mullins

Volunteer Coordinator

Mitch Fralick

Volunteer Coordinator

John Buchanan

Compliance Specialist

Greg Driskell

Tradeshow Coordinator

Russell Williams

Volunteer Administrative Assistant


Logo w/ Transparent Background

Matt Elliott

CORE Volunteer Manager

Kit Dulin

CORE Volunteer Coordinator

Holly Collins

CORE Scheduling Coordinator

Natasha Collins-Lynn

CORE Training Coordinator

Kathi Hofstad

CORE Volunteer Recruiter

Marketing & Communications

Poppy Green

Marketing Manager

Chris Cannon

Media Relations Coordinator


Angie John

Development Manager

Alex Phipps

Fundraising Specialist
Logan Craft Headshot

Logan Craft

Fundraising Assistant

Salesforce Administrator

Patience Ayodele

Salesforce Administrator


Stephen Blackstock

Telehealth Manager



Telehealth Coordinator

Transportation / Equipment

Erik Purvis

Equipment Manager

Vincent Holland

Transportation/ Equipment

Jim Houtman

Clinic Equipment Assistant

Dave Hutson

Clinic Equipment Assistant

Scott Whittemore

Transportation Assistant

Brandy Hatcher

Clinic Equipment Assistant

Jemps Maignan

Clinic Equipment Assistant


Lesleigh Anello

Supply Chain Manager

Olivia Andrews

Supply Chain Coordinator

Samantha Roberts

Supply Chain Assistant

Stefanie McMahan

Supply Chain Assistant


Jill Stimpson

Denture Lab Manager

Brenda Bales

Denture Lab Technician

Digital Dentures

Bill Phillippi, DDS

Dental Technology Manager



Accounting/ Human Resources Manager

Cristina Vera

Finance Manager

Jennifer Neff

Finance Assistant

Kyla Wheeler

Finance Assistant


Janice Jarnigan

Administrative Assistant

Autumn McKinnis

Administrative Assistant

Jeff Hobby

Facility Maintenance Manager