From conducting site visits at potential clinic locations throughout the US, to transporting important equipment, supplies, and volunteer medical providers, planes have always been an invaluable tool and an important part of the RAM narrative.

In 1985, Stan Brock founded Remote Area Medical with the mission to prevent pain and alleviate suffering for people all around the world. Airplanes have played an important role in providing this care, both in the United States and abroad.

Honoring a Promise

Days away from the nearest doctor, RAM founder Stan Brock experienced first-hand the devastation that was often brought on by minor illnesses solely because there was no access to care. Eventually, he learned to fly airplanes in British Guyana so he could help deliver medicines to the Amerindians deep in the Guyanese interior.

Air Ambulance Program

RAM’s free air ambulance program, developed in 2001, delivered care to thousands of Amerindian villagers in remote Guyana. Over the years, the program provided quick, sustainable and reliable emergency transportation to Amerindian villagers in need of immediate medical care, making the difference between life and death.

Connecting Communities

Brock’s love for aircraft was beyond utilitarian — he also held a true passion for flying and is remembered as an incredibly gifted pilot. From deliveries to Haiti, relief clinics in Nassau and Puerto Rico, RAM has created a community of volunteer pilots and medical professionals passionate about helping those in need.


Join Us!

RAM relies on the generous support of individuals to ensure the organization has as much capacity as possible to continue these life-saving missions. To donate, volunteer, or learn more about RAM Aviation, email COO Chris Hall at chrishall@ramusa.org.