RAM Youth Program


“Through this gate passes the future leaders of America and the free world.”

– Stan Brock, RAM Founder

The RAM Rangers Youth Program is a unique humanitarian adventure that engages young adults, especially at-risk youth, to help them feel confident about themselves, as well as develop an appreciation and respect for humanity and nature.

The RAM Rangers Youth Program provides opportunities and experiences for young adults to learn skills in improving their self-esteem, generating a new sense of self-worth, as well as knowledge to help guide and prepare them to become our nation’s future leaders and role models. Young adults who complete the 2-week RAM Rangers youth program will walk away having discovered the great outdoors and the joys of nature, all while learning communication, life and teamwork skills.

The RAM Rangers youth program is lead by a group of adult volunteers who teach and mentor small groups of 12-17-year-old boys and girls on the 187-acre RAM Rangers Ranch in Blaine, Tennessee.

RAM Rangers Program Activities

  • Team Building– Learning to pitch their own tents in teams of four – tents will be built in a circle, around a large camp bonfire, which will become the focal point each evening for reflection and discussion about the day’s activities.
  • Trust – Daily horse training and care/feeding skills, including an introduction to foals & horses, focusing on communication, trust, and respect for the horses.
  • Respect –Archery lessons; Horseback riding lessons; fishing lessons, and may be shown a demonstration of how to scale and fry the fish at the camp bonfire.
  • Health and Wellness– Whitewater rafting or kayaking/canoeing, and hiking will emphasize healthy activity. Urban GardeningYoga and Mindfulness sessions.  These practices have been credited with reducing stress and improving healthy habits.
  • Self-reliance– A trip to the RAM airport hangar and/or RAM Headquarters to learn more about RAM, the theory of flight, the flight simulator, and different aircrafts. Please Note: Students might also get to experience riding in one of the planes and landing at the RAM Rangers Ranch. If time allows, those who express interest may get a chance to spend a second day back with the airplanes, learning in more detail about the plane engines. At the end of each day, the students will be provided paper, pens and paint to allow them the chance to capture in writing or art, drawing, painting, what they experienced that day.  It will be up to them if they choose to share it with the group.
The RAM Rangers Youth Program also provides the chance for young people to learn compassionate animal care and natural horsemanship by exposing them to the wild mustangs that live on the ranch.  These horses were rescued from overpopulated areas in Oregon and will be donated to native tribal groups in Guyana to revive their livestock industry. Thousands of Wapishana and Macushi Indians in the region and have been a focus of RAM’s charitable programs since 1992.

For more information about the RAM Rangers Youth Program, please call 865-579-1530.

The RAM Rangers Need Your Help

As we continue to expand our services, we require more equipment, personnel, and support.

Current Needs:

Volunteers – please contact RAM HQ here to learn more about how you can help with gentling the mares and developing the Ranch.
Tractor – Farm-size tractor for mowing and general farm work.
Large Mower – Mowing attachment (bush hog) for farm tractor
Prefabricated Cabin – Smaller cabins for overnight camping/lodging
Portable Restrooms – (port-a-potties)

“We are losing our future Beethoven’s, Rembrandt’s, Einstein’s and Helen Keller’s. They are taking their own lives, or becoming a product of gangs and violence, drugs, alcohol, and despair. They have lost all hope. The RAM Rangers Youth Program can be the key that opens them up, and inspires them to know Yes, I can! I can be whatever I set my mind to. I am safe here.” 

– Doug Beeler, RAM Board Member and RAM Rangers Program Director.